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Thwashtavu In Hindu Religion

 Thwashtavu is a name widely used in Hindu scriptures. Numerous gods and goddesses in Hindu religion are known as Thwashtavu. It is the name of one of the prajapatis. As per Rig Veda (1.14.94), it was the name of a demon.

As per Vishnu Purana (I chapter 15), Thwashtavu is one among the four sons of Vishwakarma, the architect of the universe.

As per Agni Purana, a son of Sage Kashyapa and Surabhi was known by the name.

As per Mahabharata, it is the name of a son Kashyapa Rishi and Aditi. It must be noted here that Kashpaya was a progenitor who had taken several wives to further the creation.

Thwashtavu is also one among the numerous names of Vishnu, Brahma and Surya. And this name is used in the Puranas to mention them.

It is also the name of king in the Bharata lineage.

As per Mahabharata, Thwashtavu is also another name of Vishwakarma. As Vishwakarma was a carpenter and architect, he used to polish wood. Thus he was also a sculpture. Due to this he got the name Thwashtavu.

Brahma and Prajapati got the name as they created living beings. (Niruktam 8.13).

Vishnu gets the name because at the end of a cycle of creation there is a great deluge and all living beings get killed.