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Where To Hide Peace And Bliss? – Funny Story From Hinduism

People are searching for bliss in the wrong places and that is why they complain and suffer. Bliss cannot be bought in a shopping mall. It is within us. There is a funny story regarding this predicament in Hinduism.

Brahma, the creator, gave everything to his children except peace and bliss. He thought that if he gave those things to them, they would never return to him.

He asked other gods: ‘Where should I hide peace and bliss?’

One suggested: ‘Put them under the ocean.’

Brahma replied: ‘My children will find them with the help of a submarine.’

Another suggested: ‘Keep peace and bliss in outer space.’

Brahma said: ‘My children will use a space shuttle to find them.’

Still, another suggested: ‘Bury them underground.’

Brahma said: ‘They will use dynamite to get them.’

Finally, Brahma decided to hide peace and bliss in the hearts of his children. As we know, God dwells in the heart, but it is not easy to realize that Truth.