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Religion Is Good But Followers Are Not

Religion is good but the religious or followers often are not. Our half-understandings and passion without vision lead to the blind leading the blind. God does not need certificates of approval. The human craving for approval extends itself to the need for approval of ones faith by many. If you believe in something other than what I believe in, or worse, if you are against my belief, you can see my knife at your throat! Such catholicity would soon lead to a situation where there would not be many people left to understand! So, religion is not to blame, our convoluted and dogmatic understanding of it is to be blamed.

The way out: Believe and let believe. Have a religion of your own if you will but let others have theirs too. Don’t get carried away by your innate desire to be accepted. Rather, feed to others desire for acceptance. Faith in the infinite would enable you to do wonders with the finite. Acknowledging others expanse of mind, you can get your views acknowledged. The drive for religious belief should not be for acceptance or propagation but for peace and fulfilment. That would be logical, humane, and would help us outgrow our human boundaries and blur the difference between humanity and divinity, between the apparent and the real.

Source – Prabuddha Bharata magazine editorial January 2015