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Teachings Of Brahma From Srimad Bhagavata Purana

 A collection of teachings of Brahma (the creator) from Srimad Bhagavata Purana.

Bhagavan (Sri Krishna), thou art formless, infinite, blissful existence;
Yet thou hast assumed this form
To gladden the hearts of thy devotees
And so shower thy mercy upon them.
Your form is indeed pure sattva.

Blessed indeed are those
Who are not concerned about philosophy, or doctrines,
But who live and follow thy life-giving words;
For such pure ones alone find thee,
Who is beyond thought.
O thou infinite,
You are both personal and impersonal.
Incomprehensible is thy true being —
Yet, again, comprehended and realized are you
By those who control their outgoing senses
And become absorbed in deepest contemplation of thee.
You are blissful, unfading, eternal.
You are the light of all lights,
Pure, absolute.
Those whose divine sight is clear
Find you within themselves:
Loosed are they from the wheel of birth and death. 

As in darkness we fancy a rope to be a snake, so in ignorance do we mistake the all-pervading Brahman for the world we see.

But as light dispels the darkness
And the rope is seen as a rope,
So with the rising of the sun of knowledge
The phantasmal world vanishes,
And thou art revealed — the true Brahman.
Thou are the Atman, the divine Self;
This is the reason why the wise seek you within,
For you are present in the hearts of all.
Knowledge brings freedom,
But the mere intellect gives no knowledge of thee.
Those who devote themselves to thy service
Come to know thee through thy grace.
Blessed indeed are the shepherd boys and girls,
For they love thee as their very own,
Thee, the eternal, infinite Brahman.
They that serve thee with wholehearted devotion
Enjoy thy bliss with their whole being
The Vedas only tell of thee;
Thy devotees behold thee.
O Krishna, you are the friend of the destitute.
You are unborn, eternal;
Yet you have assumed this human form
For the good of all,
That all may taste of thy heavenly bliss.
Attachment and delusion bind a man only so long
As he fails to take shelter at your Lotus Feet.