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Kathas – Ancient kingdom Of Punjab – Fiercely Fought Against Alexander

Kathas were a group of powerful people who lived in the territory lying across the Ravi and Beas Rivers in ancient Punjab during 4th century BC. Greeks referred to the Kathas as Kathaoi or Cathaeans.

During his invasion of India, Alexander the Great faced stiff resistance from Kathas. They defied his army from their fortified town called Sangala, also referred to as Samkala or Jandiala.

Finally, Alexander defeated Kathas with the help of Porus.

The Kathas were invulnerable people and the country of theirs produced men of courage skill and physical charm.

As per Strabo, the most handsome person was elected as the king of Kathas and the people of the region decided their own marriages.

The impregnable fort of Kathas has been identified with a site near Fatehgarh in Gurdaspur District, with Handiala to the east of Amritsar or with Sanglawala tibba in the Jhang District.

As per various accounts, during their unsuccessful resistance, nearly 17,000 Kathas were killed and more 70,000 captured. In the battle, Alexander received the help of elephants and 6,000 troops from Porus, who got the territory of Kathas from Alexander as a gift.