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Dev Nayakacharya – Vaishnava Saint And Propagator Of Santana Dharma

Dev Nayakacharya was born in 1887 CE at Siraj Village of Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) to a Brahmin family. He was an extraordinary scholar of Sanskrit, and almost all the Hindu texts and scriptures. References to Shastras were at the tips f his fingers, given his mastery over the ancient mnemonic system of retention of Vedic knowledge.

Dev Nayak Acharya was given deeksha (initiation) by Totadri Swami, a renowned scholar of the 19th century India. Dev Nayakacharya traveled across India to propagate the Sanatana Dharma. His speeches were so impressive that thousands of people would assemble to listen to his discourses.

Impressed by the spiritual temperament and scholarly attributes of Dev Nayak Acharya, Yamuna Bai left to his care the Sri Ram Mandir of Bargadi in Mumbai in 1928 CE.

He performed the daily worship in this temple ritualistically. Chanting of Vedic Samhitas, utavas, and sringara of Lord Rama according to the Vaishnava texts were performed regularly under his divine guidance.

Dev Nayakacharya passed away at Sangam, on the banks of the confluence of Ganga and Yamuna, Saraswati, in Prayagraj in 1945 CE.