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Vastusar Prakaran – Ancient Text On Hindu And Jaina Architecture

Vastusar Prakaran is an ancient text on architecture written by Thakkura Fera in the 13th century AD. The text is in Prakrit language and its Sanskrit version is not available. It was first published in 1946.

The text has three chapters devoted to the construction of houses, murtis (vigraham) and temples. The first chapter includes soil testing, orientation, ground plants, dimensions, palaces, and houses of common men. It provides general rules regarding the precise laying of the plot as well as instructions on sound house building.

The second chapter is on the making of linga murti and its retinue. The clarity of information is admirable, according to the editor. There is a description of Jaina iconography.

The third chapter deals mostly with the construction of a Jaina shrine. This chapter consequently deals with the foundation, dimensions of plinth, walls, towers and flag pole. 

The data covered in this chapter on foundation is of much relevance for present day building activity.

On the whole, this booklet is noteworthy for its clarity of presentation and serves a textbook for engineers and iconographers.