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Story of Thaipusam - Different Stories Of Thaipusam Festival

There are numerous stories associated with Thaipusam. But the most important story is that of Goddess Parvati presenting ‘Vel’ to muruga to eliminate demon Tarakasura. Here are some of the important stories of Thaipusam festival.

Vel behind celebrating Thaipusam

Sages were fed up with the troubles created by demon Tarakasur and his lieutenants. They complained to Shiva and he instructed Muruga to help them. Shiva gave him eleven weapons and Mother Parvati presented the most powerful ‘Vel.’ Muruga killed all the demons including Tharakasuran on Pusam star in the month of Thai with the Vel. Thaipusam is celebrated to commemorate this victory of good over evil.

Different Stories in Hinduism related to Thaipusam Festival

Kavadi and Thaipusam

Another legend about Thaipusam is associated with the Kavadi. It involves Muruga testing the determination of Idumban, the student of Sage Agastya.

Curse on Muruga and Thaipusam

Another story revolves around Lord Muruga eavesdropping into the conversation between Lord Shiva and Parvati. Lord Shiva was rendering an important mantra to Parvati and Lord Muruga listened to it by hiding. Parvati discovered that Lord Muruga was eavesdropping and cursed him.
Lord Muruga acknowledged his mistake and started a penance. Parvati was pleased and appeared before him with Lord Shiva. Thaipusam is believed to be the day on which Parvati appeared before Lord Muruga.

Cosmic Dance and Thaipusam

According to another legend Lord Shiva and Parvati were involved in a cosmic dance on the Thaipusam day. It is said that all the gods assembled to watch this cosmic dance.

River Kaveri and Thaipusam

Another story of Thaipusam revolves around Lord Vishnu and River Kaveri. Kaveri was jealous of River Ganga getting so much of importance - especially Ganga residing on the locks of Lord Shiva. She prayed to Lord Vishnu and it is believed that Lord Vishnu appeared before her on Thaipusam day.