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Showing posts from October 10, 2020

Story – Swami And Dosas – Whatever You Say You Have To Swallow

A swami sat under a tree in meditation and minding his own business. Along came a villager who, for some reason was enraged by the sight of this peaceful man and he started to goad him. “What good are you doing by sitting like that? he demanded. The swami did not reply. “Have you nothing to say for yourself? Can’t you even justify your actions? Do you suppose that anyone is better off for your behaviour?” Still no word from the swami who sat as though the man who was shouting at him did not exist. This aggravated the villager even more. From being annoying he started to become very rude. Terrible invective was hurled at the silent man and he was called the worst and most insulting names. Even the crowd that had naturally gathered around was shocked and remonstrated with the angry villager, to no effect. He now treated it as a challenge and his foul language and abuse grew wilder and more and more vulgar. At last the swami opened his eyes and decided to respond. Every time t

Gems Of Wisdom From Life Journey

A collection of wisdom from life journey. Realize the tremendous power of positive attitude and achieve success in all walks of life. We will always come across skeptics and cynics in our life. They are like roadblocks. We should learn to navigate through them and reach our destination. Never say it will never work. First, give a chance to prove it. Kindness, gentleness and love last forever. Resentment only harms us. Drop all grudges and we will attain peace. Why keep grudges when we are not sure what will happen the next moment. For happiness in life, have interesting and positive thoughts. Pleasure is like a bubble. Spiritual bliss is eternal. Choice is ours. Only that happiness stays with us, which springs from our inward thoughts, emotions and ideas. Life truly is living in the moment. But often we realize this very late. We dream of a day when everything will be fine and settled. But that day is today. Be honest and have faith in your abilit