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Temporary Happiness Vs True Happiness - Aim For Supreme Bliss

Majority of us are satisfied with temporary happiness. This we get from materialistic things, relations and numerous other sources. The life of short-term happiness is very short and we are again in search for it. Temporary happiness also brings with it sorrow, misery, anger, frustration…a whole lot of problems.

We all want to fall into a set pattern. We aim to please many people. We want to be in the good books. We want other people to praise us and notice us. We want recognition. We want to be listened to and obeyed. These and many more such expectations are part of temporary happiness.

Fear is a product of this impermanent happiness. We achieve success and are happy. Next moment we are sacred whether we will lose all this. Fear sets in. Tension follows. We try all means to cling to that which is not permanent. How can we keep that which is fleeting? It is not possible but we try fail…get disillusioned…we live in the past…become diseased…some commit suicide…some become mentally sick.

All this for what…temporary happiness.

This short-term happiness also creates another problem. Dissatisfaction. We achieved what we want, we are happy, we celebrated our success …we went to sleep. But when we woke up the happiness is gone. There are people around us who are more successful. We get ready for the rat race.

As we are constantly chasing this fleeting happiness, we miss the beautiful moments in life. We forget about the present. We forget friends and family.

Our aim should not be temporary happiness but supreme bliss. This we can attain only by gaining the right knowledge.

Now what is right knowledge – first realizing that happiness that we get from an external source is temporary. Once this is understood, one has to start the quest of Supreme Bliss.

This should not be borrowed. We can take the help of a scripture or Guru. Ultimately, we should arrive at our own conclusion. We should experience it. Find a little space and time to contemplate. See the bigger picture. Think about the distant star and about the little flower that you never noticed during the rat race. They all carry the same energy source. That energy source is within all.

Supreme Bliss is not outside. It is within us. But it is hidden behind ego, expectations, desire, anger and fear.

A bit of inner cleansing and we will start getting the taste of supreme bliss.

Abhilash Rajendran