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Joining Job On Amavasya – Effect – Good Or Bad

Amavasya, or the no moon day, in Hindu calendar is dedicated to pitr or the ancestors. Usually all auspicious activities are not held on the day. Therefore joining job on Amavasya is considered bad by astrologers. Usually no good beginnings are made on the day. Amavasya is believed to have a bad effect on thinking process too so you will not be able to make good decision on the day.

Amavasya is not an inauspicious day but it is just that it is not used for auspicious functions as dead ancestors are believed to visit their family on the day. So people take rest perform pujas on the day. 

Holy activities like taking bath in holy river, performing daan (donation or charity) and shradh are performed on the day.

Feed animals on the day is highly meritorious.