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Harivamsa Teachings

A collection of Teachings From Harivamsa

Destiny is the enemy of men and measures out time.

Time conveys everything and people are only instruments.

There is nothing that can by pass destiny.

At the time of delivery, or in childhood, death cannot be avoided. The young also come under the control of death. The old are almost dead. When he is not born, an infant cannot be seen. He is like one who does not exist. Those who are born, and those who are not born, go wherever the ordainer conveys them.

The death has been predetermined, a cause only implements it.

Suta Samhita Teachings

One who realises the supreme reality which is different from the body and the senses, which is omniscient, self-luminous, and full of bliss and happiness — that person is atiasrama.

One who knows the Supreme Truth, who is free from the three states [of waking, dreaming and sleeping] and merely witnesses them — that person is ativarnasrama [beyond castes and asramas].

The regulations concerning varnasrama, which have been created by maya, pertain only to the body. These things [the rules about varnasrama] are not applicable to the atma, awareness of which is an awakening from ignorance. One who realises this [atma] is deemed to be ativarnasrama.

Just as the world is functioning of its own accord in the presence of the sun, before me the world is also functioning. One who thinks in this way is supposed to have transcended the varanasramas. This knowledge can only be attained by realizing the import of the mahavakyas.

Just as the various ornaments made out of gold are created by maya, so this world, created by my mind in myself, is also created by maya." One who has realized this with the help of the mahavakyas is ativarnasrama.

Just as the appearance of silver on an oyster shell is an illusion created by the mind, so the entire world is the creation of maya. One who realises this through the mahavakyas is ativarnasrama.

To Think

In one of his talks, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj has said that attachment to name and form (nama-rupa) creates fear in man's heart. One who knows that he has no name or form, who is Nothing, will be afraid of nothing, including death.

Man's search for security is based on the mistaken belief that there can be something constant and unchanging in this world. The fact of the matter, however, is that nothing in this universe is constant: every planet and every galaxy is in continual movement; every living organism is a mass of cells, continually being created, destroyed and recreated in a specific pattern of vibrating energy. Life itself is a series of changes between opposites. Life means living, living means continual change, and change inevitably means insecurity. The search for security has made life for most people a matter — a confirmed habit — of either looking behind or thinking of the fears and hopes ahead. These fluctuating perspectives render illusory the reality of what-is, the here and now. (Ramesh Balsekar)