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Negativity Will Follow Us But We Have The Choice How To Face It

The way we view the world largely depends on our thoughts, actions and attitude. When we are sensitive to our surroundings, we will notice sympathy and hope around. When we have anger and hatred in us, we will only see negativity all around.

It is true that there are many negative things happening around sadly we only get to hear about them through newspaper, internet and mobiles. But there are many positive things too happening in the world but we do not get to hear them because they do not have readership and TRP.

There will be negative things in life always but we can decide how we want to look at them. Certain things that we hear, see and read will cause a deep sense of frustration, aversion and unfathomable anger. But we need to remain peaceful and make sure that such things do not happen in our area.

We will be regularly challenged by pessimists and by depressing incidents. By now, we are well aware that negativity does not help us in anyway. It only pushes us down. It only suffocates us. So choose positive thoughts, send out positive energy, celebrate hope and celebrate life.

Freedom from past is necessary to lead a positive life. We need to practice forgiveness. Drop regrets, hatred and revenge. Letting go is the best option for a pleasant present and wonderful future.

Switch off the television, internet and all forms of news media. Smell the flowers, walk with the dog, enjoy silence or take a long walk. Our true nature and true wisdom will be revealed in these long walks and moments of silence.

Sometimes unknowingly, we might have developed certain behavior patterns that are attracting lot of negative energy. We need to identify them. There will be some disconnections. We need to check them. We need to check our goals and how far we have reached and are we taking the right path to reach the goal.

Practice gratitude. Pray, work hard and find intelligent solutions to problems. Focus on your goals. Develop courage to drop all that is harming us from leading a beautiful life.

Develop patience, drop anger and ego, stop hating and start loving and keep smiling.

Abhilash Rajendran