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Our True Nature Is Bliss

If we think, others care if we are miserable then it is a wrong notion. Forget others and try to be happy.

If we are depressed, isolated, miserable, bored and lonely, it simply means that the key to our life and happiness is with someone else. So, only that outside force can make us happy. We are a slave of that outside force. What kind of life is it? Take control of our lives. Happiness reside inside not outside.

Instead of trying to find happiness, we should focus our energy in removing the veil of ignorance inside us.

Ignorance is made up of expectation, attachment, anger, desire, ego and false identification of things.

Our true nature is bliss. But it is ignorance that is stopping us from realizing it. We are happiness. All misery and unhappiness is the result of ignorance. So focus removing the veil of ignorance and discover happiness within.