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Gems Of Wisdom From Life Journey

A collection of wisdom from life journey.

Realize the tremendous power of positive attitude and achieve success in all walks of life.

We will always come across skeptics and cynics in our life. They are like roadblocks. We should learn to navigate through them and reach our destination.

Never say it will never work. First, give a chance to prove it.

Kindness, gentleness and love last forever.

Resentment only harms us.

Drop all grudges and we will attain peace. Why keep grudges when we are not sure what will happen the next moment.

For happiness in life, have interesting and positive thoughts.

Pleasure is like a bubble. Spiritual bliss is eternal. Choice is ours.

Only that happiness stays with us, which springs from our inward thoughts, emotions and ideas.

Life truly is living in the moment. But often we realize this very late.

We dream of a day when everything will be fine and settled. But that day is today.

Be honest and have faith in your abilities. Things will fall in line soon.

Self-control differentiates a human being from a wild animal.

Anger is the most disastrous thing in the world. The destruction it causes is immense.

Many tense situations can be diffused and amicably settled through peaceful talks.

If he desires, man can control anger, lust, hatred and greed. However, unfortunately he has become a slave of anger, lust and greed.

We become true human beings when we rule over our feelings, emotions, senses and the mind.

Anger is like a wildfire. It keeps spreading.

Our weaknesses and imperfections are exposed in anger.

There is nothing to know. All we have to do is to return to our original source.

We have moved far away from the original source. Now we do not know our way back. Meditation, knowledge, prayers etc are methods to return to the original source.

Nobody is sitting up there and watching you. That which you think is watching you is within you. It is within all animate and inanimate.

Bliss is not in heaven nor is it in next life. It has to be realized here now.

Ignorance is when you stand aloof. Knowledge is when you realize you are part of the whole.

If we wish to lead a simple life, first we should keep our desires in control.

There is goodness and greatness in simplicity as well as in wealthy.

Being simple outwardly and having uncontrollable desires inside is of no use.

Simplicity is not in outwardly appearance. It is in being content with what we have.

The richest person in the world can be a simple person, if the person rejoices in the way things are. But what is the use of being rich when you are not content.

The poorest person in the world can be happy if the person realizes there is nothing lacking.

Contentment does not arrive through riches. It happens when we realize our true nature.

Challenges and obstacles are part of life. Many meekly surrender before overwhelming obstacles and give excuses like fate etc. Not succumbing to these challenges and obstacles is what will make us stand apart.

Only solution to overcome failure is perseverance.

It is not strength that matters but the will to transcend defeat.

Life is never a journey through a straight smooth road. There are many ups and downs on the road of life. Many stop before they reach their destination. We can reach our true destination, if we refuse to stop and endure the difficulties.

Focus on what we want in life and cut out rest.

Our biggest enemies are within.

Enemies outside cannot hurt us if we have tamed the enemies within.

Setting standards are good but we cannot always maintain them. When we are not able to maintain the standard set, it does not mean we are mediocre or worthless. Stress, anxiety and depression are the direct result of not maintaining standards. People who set standards ignore kindness and compassion. One needs to treat oneself kindly.

People who set standards want applause and recognition. They get that a lot in the beginning. They get addicted to it.

But in nature we have to give way. Nature is an ever flowing. We will be one day replaced by some who is better and younger.

The one who is addicted to fame and recognition resist change.

However hard we resist change will take place. Old will give away to new. That is the rule of nature.

Being true to oneself is crucial in spirituality and worldly success.

We are honest when it is convenient for us.

Humility and honesty go together. When we are humble, we will be honest. When we are honest, we will be humble.

Lies and deception only opens the doors of anxiety, fear and failure.

Excuses are in reality postponing certain things that need our urgent attention. It is mainly due to laziness and fear.

We can never arrive at the place of true contentment if we continue to run and hide from reality.