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Shampoo While Bathing During Sabarimala Vrat

Can I use shampoo while bathing at the time of Sabarimala Vrat? This a query that many devotees of Hariharasudhan Ayyappa have. The vrat is observed for a period of 41 days in November and December. Cleanliness is an important aspect of Hinduism. By cleanliness it is meant both internal and external cleanliness.

A devotee taking Sabarimala Vrat can use shampoo there is absolutely no problem. This does not result in the failure of vrat.

Some staunch devotees avoid commercial shampoo and use ‘shikakai’ or other natural substances. This is because they believe that in the making of commercial shampoo living beings are harmed. 

Some believe that one should be completely natural during the 41-day Ayyappa vrat period and therefore use natural substances for soap and shampoo.