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Birth Of Lord Rama - Story

Story of birth of Lord Rama on earth begins with King Dasaratha of Ayodhya deciding to perform Ashwamedha Yagna to have children. The decision is welcomed by the sages and they all proceeded to make the necessary arrangements of the yaga. Sumantra, the charioteer, then reminds King Dasaratha of something he has heard from elders and tells him that Sage Rishyashringa should preside over the yajna.

Sumantra then requests King Dasaratha to discuss the matter with Sage Vasistha and others. The sages were too happy to have Rishyashringa preside over the Ashvamedha Yaga.

When the Ashvamedha yagna was drawing to a close, King Dasaratha requests Rishyashringa to perform Putrakama yajna to beget a son. When the yajna was drawing to a close, a divine form appeared on the yajna fire and handed over a golden bowl with ‘payasa’ (sweet) to King Dasaratha.

The king distributed the sweet to his three queens and a year later they gave birth to four sons – Lord Ram, Lakshman, Bharata and Shatrughna.

Bhagavan Sri Rama was born to King Dasaratha in his first queen Kaushalya.