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Pushpayagam In Tirupati Balaji Temple

As per Hindu scriptures, Pushpayagam is performed to protect the earth from natural calamities such as earthquakes, cyclones, droughts, epidemics and appease the Lord to save the life of humanity, flora and fauna from all the catastrophes.

At Tirupati Balaji Temple,Pushpayagam, which was in vogue in 15th Century, was stopped for a long time and was reinstated by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams in 1980s.
Today it is an Annual festival celebrated on the Sravana Nakshatra day (birth star of Lord Balaji) in the month of Karthika (October/November) after Annual Brahmotsavam to Lord Venkateswara.

Ankurarpanam is done prior to the Pushpayagam. On this day, after conducting the daily pujas, Sri Malayappa Swami along with Sridevi and Bhudevi is seated on a special golden platform in Sampangi Mandapam. After offering Thirumanjanam to the Utsava murtis worship is being done to them with tons of varieties of flowers. Later procession takes place in the evening.

All flowers used for this festival should be fresh and fragrant. ‘Vimanarchana kalpa’ describes the flowers to be used for Pushpayagam: Jaji, Champaka, Vakula, Padma, Dvikarni, Attasi, Ketaki, Mallika Mandara, Karavira etc. flowers are being offered to the Deities.

According to the Agamas performing Pushpayagam is equal to performing an Aswamedha Yaga, conferring good progeny, riches, peace and finally moksha.