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Only Positive Attitude Can Push Us Towards Success

Only positive attitude can push us towards success.

First and foremost believe in yourself.

Only a peaceful mind can generate enough power to overcome obstacles in life.

Instead of fuming and fretting, be the change that we want to bring about.

Always expect the best.

A humble and reasonable confidence in one’s abilities is must to achieve success in the world.

Correct self-confidence leads to self-realization.

All acts performed without any attachment in the spirit of service to Bhagavan, cleanse the mind and point the way to liberation.


Secret Of Success In Gita

Sri Krishna says:

Actions pollute me not, nor have I a desire for the fruit of actions. He who knows Me thus is not bound by actions.

Thus knowing, men of old performed action in the hope of liberation; therefore do thou also perform action as did the ancients in olden times.

What is action? What is inaction? Even the wise are deluded as to this. I shall teach thee such action, by knowing which thou shalt be liberated from evil.

He who can see inaction in action, who can also see action in inaction, he is wise among men, he is devout, he is the performer of all action.

Having abandoned attachment for the fruits of actions, ever content, dependent on none, though engaged in actions, nothing at all does he do. (Gita Chapter IV verse 16 - 20)

Whose every enterprise is without desire or motive, whose actions are burnt up in the fire of knowledge, him the wise call a sage. (Gita Chapter IV verse 19)

The man who revels here and now in the Self alone, with the Self is satisfied, and in the Self alone is content — for him there is no work which he must do. (Gita Chapter III verse 17)

For him there is no purpose in doing the work, nor any in leaving it here undone; nor is there for him in all the beings anything which serves a purpose. (Gita Chapter III verse 18)

Content to take what chance may bring, having transcended the pairs, free from ill-will, and even minded in success or failure, though he works, he is not bound. (Gita Chapter III verse 22)

Sri Ramana Maharshi on the topic

That one should act without thinking that oneself is the actor. The actions go on despite his egolessness. The person has come into manifestation for a certain purpose. That purpose will be accomplished whether he considers himself the actor or not.

What is karma yoga? Is it non-attachment to karma or its fruit?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: Karma yoga is that yoga in which the person does not arrogate to himself the function of being the actor. The actions go on automatically.