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Goddess Durga Quotes by Swami Chinmayananda

‘Mother Durga’ is the Power Terrible, which manifested out of the Eternal Truth, which is Paripoorna, and so has in Itself all powers.

Man, the imperfect, the bound, the sorrowful, has a thousand names within. He is riddled with negative thoughts, fears, yearnings. Then there are selfishness, jealousy, meanness, prejudice and hatred – just to mention but a few. The Sadhak must get rid of these lawless villains within. With Mother Kali’s Kripa, these destructive masters are to be annihilated. No amount of soft persuasions can avail. The forces of Sri Rudra must be applied. There must be a deep, determined, adamant resolve, and a fight royal within, as sanguine as Kali’s ferocious sword dripping with blood; and unless the Sadhak is ready to wear about his neck the Skull-mala of these murdered false values there can be no peace or order within.

Invoke the Only Mother - Goddess Durga - (The primordial Womb) - Maa Shakti - to help us annihilate within ourselves all negative forces; all weaknesses, - all littleness. It is these that have removed us from our own selves – the Supreme Parameshwara Swaroopa which we all are.

Now a mere elimination of our weakness in itself is no permanent achievement, for if the bosom is empty, again they will enter by the back-doors. In short, a mere negative sadhana alone is impotent. We must equally emphasize the positive side in our Right Effort – then only does the Purushartha become complete and whole.
Swami Chinmayananda