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Rare Agni Murti Confused For Nandi In Pateshwar Shiva Temple At Degaon In Satara

Many people confuse the murti (vigraha or bimbam or idol) for Nandi with face. It is a very rare Murti of Agni as mentioned in the Rig Veda. The murti is found at the Agnivrush temple in Pateshwar Shiva temple complex at Degaon near Satara in Maharashtra.

Rare Agni Murti In Pateshwar Shiva Temple

Rig Veda 4.58.3 describes Agni as follows:

chatvari shringa trayo asya pada dve shirshe sapta hastaso asya |
tridha baddho vrishabho roraviti maho devo martyan a vivesha ||

“Four are his horns, three are the feet that bear him; his heads are two, his hands are seven in number. Bound with a triple bond the bull roars loudly; the mighty God hath entered into mortals.”

Rare Agni Murti At Agnivrush Temple In Pateshwar Shiva Temple

Pateshwar Shiva temple complex is located 12 km south-east of Satara at Degaon Village.

Apart from the main Shiva temple with Massive Shivling there are a couple of cave temples, Agnivrush temple, Chamunda temple, Varhadghar temple and many small and medium sized Shiva temples. There are many rare murtis of Mother Goddess, Ganesha and Hanuman. There are also a couple of temple tanks.

Another important carving in the temple is the rare Chaturmukha Brahma.

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