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Always Be True To One’s Feelings

Be what you are. Do not pretend to be someone that you are not. Happiness will elude you if you pretend to be someone that you are not. Avoid pretending for short-term gains. 

If you start a relationship by pretending, then soon there will be huge problems in that relationship.

Trying new things and expressing oneself is good. But it should not be at the cost of one’s individuality.

Borrowing styles from people and following it blindly will only make us a laughing stock.

Always be true to one’s self and one’s feelings.

Abhilash Rajendran


Wisdom From Readings

Bhagavan Ramana says, "Those who do not seek the knowledge of the significance of life are simply wasting their lives." How do do we go about it? Bhagavan says, "Begin now."

Bhagavan Ramana says that if you begin by being smaller than the smallest, then you will know greater than the greatest.

Tamil Saint Avvaiyar, "What we have learnt is a fistful of sand. What we haven't learnt is as big as the world.

Like the doctor who asked a patient not to think of a monkey while taking his medicine. The more the patient tried to avoid thinking of the monkey, the more he thought of it. The problem is not the medicine or the monkey. It is the mind. As long as we are not free of the mind, we are not free of the doctor, the disease or the monkey. Knowledge and ignorance, mind and bondage are inseparable pairs. The secret of freedom from this wretched 'known' is to live in the 'now'.

Bhagavan Ramana asks us to ask ourselves, "Who am I?" and to ask now, instead of dilly dallying. He says, "Take the plunge into the depths of being." The delay in taking the plunge is due to our thinking that there is something hiding our reality and that it must be destroyed before reality is gained. "It is a great game of pretending," says Bhagavan. Pretension ends when we let the dead bury the dead, cease to take thought for the morrow and live in the present. "There is only the present," says Sri Ramana.