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Baba Balak Nath Popular Story – Birth – Appearance On Earth

The story of origin, birth and appearance on earth of Baba Balak Nath, also known as Sidh Baba Balak Nath Ji, begins with Lord Shiva sharing the story of immortality (amarthv) to Shiva in the Amaranth Cave. Goddess Parvati fell asleep when Shiva was sharing the secret of immortality but a small parrot was listening to story and kept saying ‘yes’ (hmm).

When the story was completely narrated to his dismay, Shiva found Goddess Parvati asleep. He looked around and realized that it was the small parrot that had listened to secret of immortality.

The small parrot flew away thinking that Shiva would kill him.

The parrot flew and entered the mouth of the wife of Sage Vyasa who was yawning.
Shiva who followed the parrot asked it to come out.

The parrot asked for a boon before it came out of the stomach of the wife of Sage Vyasa.

The parrot wanted it to come out in the form of a human baby and it also demanded that all children who were born at the precise time should also be blessed with all knowledge.
Shiva agreed and gave the boon.

The parrot came out of the stomach of the wife of Sage Vyasa and it later came to be known as Suka Muni. All the children that were born at the precise time became famous as Nau Nath and Chaurasi Sidh. One of the Nau Nath was Baba Balak Nath.

The birth of the divine babies was a leela of Lord Shiva. He wanted devotees who would spread the knowledge of self realization. Shiva had seen suffering among the creations of Brahma. These great teachers went to different parts of the world sharing the secret of immortality or moksha.