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Focus On The Main Goal - Few Teachings

Whenever you are stressed, under pressure or in anger, take deep breaths this helps. It is one of the most effective technique to calm down and relax.

Music helps in mitigating pain. It is also effective to overcome stress and tension. It benefits physical and mental health in numerous ways.

An easy way to overcome anger and tension is to get up and walk. This short walk changes the mood and ushers in new ideas to face challenges.

Avoid multitasking, focus on one thing at a time.

Looking for perfection in every aspect of life will only causes hardships, unwanted pressure and tension. There is nothing wrong in being imperfect. It is not possible to do a flawless work all the time.

Abhilash Rajendran

Wisdom And Thoughts On Uncertainty Of Life

We seem to forget that music is such a delight only because of its flow and rhythm, and that the very basis of that delight would be destroyed if we were to prolong a particular note or chord beyond its legitimate time merely because we liked it and would like to hear more of it. Life, like music, is a flowing process, and we would make life an impossible conflict if we were to arrest its normal flow because we liked certain parts and feared others. It is impossible to be blind to the fact that, in spite of the best-laid plans, illnesses must occur and accidents must happen. Because these unpredictable events, or others like them, are inevitable, there can thus be no solution to the problem of fear of an uncertain future which is based on the premise that permanence and security are attainable through personal effort. There can only be a dissolution of the problem through a bold and clear look not at it, but into it, with no separation of the 'me' from the problem. 

Basically, the fear of change and uncertainty arises because of the separation of the individual 'me' from the rest of the universe — the separation of the individual from Totality — and this fear can disappear only when this separation gets bridged through the realisation that the 'me' itself is an illusion. The truth of the matter is that we are struggling ceaselessly to ensure the continuity, permanence and security of this 'me', the apparent thinker of our thoughts, the experiencer of our experiences, the knower of our knowledge, without realising that it is essentially nothing but an illusion. 

To understand this is to realise that life can really be lived only in the present moment — here and now — that there can be neither security nor permanence in life, that both are as much of a myth, an illusion, as is the 'me' that demands to be protected. Every experience is in some sense new and fresh, and at every moment of our lives we are in the midst of the new and unknown. We can clearly realize this when the experience of the moment is accepted without resisting it, without giving it a label based on past memory. (Ramesh Balsekar)