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Worshipping Cow to Overcome Grah Dosh

Hindu astrological texts mention that worshipping cow is an important method to overcome Grah Dosh. The belief is that serving Go Mata will help in overcoming various horoscope related difficulties.

Dhanu and Meena Rashi – Those born in Dhanu and Meena Rashi will get relief if they feed cow with roti daily. If this is not possible then they can feed cow with roti and jaggery on Thursday.

Mesha and Vrischika Rashi – Such people should feed cow with roti and jaggery on Tuesday. It is believed that those suffering from problems related to Mangal Grah will also find relief.

Simha and Karka Rashi people should offer roti with jaggery to cow on Mondays.

Makar and Kumbha Rashi people should offer roti with jaggery and green grass to cow on Wednesdays.

Vrishabha and Mithuna Rashi people should give water and food to cow daily. If not possible then it should be done on Sunday.

Kanya and Tula Rashi people should feed cow daily or on Saturdays. Giving water and green grass is highly meritorious.

Another option is donating ghee, haldi, honey, yellow colored clothes, books and feeding poor women, girls and children. Cleaning temples and serving elderly helps in overcoming horoscope related problems.

Helping in building shelter to animals and providing money to feed them also earns merits.

Chant this mantra while offering roti or food to the cow
त्वं माता सर्वदेवानां त्वं यज्ञस्य कारणम्।
त्वं तीर्थं सर्वतीर्थानां नमस्तेऽस्तु सदानघे।।

The Holy Cow Worshipped in Hindu Religion