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Success eludes a dissatisfied person

Dissatisfaction with ourselves is a serious problem as it affects our daily life, it is a joy killer, it affects our relationship, and it is the main reason for the failure of various aspects of life. Success always eludes a dissatisfied person.

Being unhappy in a small way is positive as it leads to improvement.

But to be discontented and disappointed always is not good. It is a sign of negativity.

Top in the list of dissatisfaction is our looks. We give too much importance to outwardly appearance. 

Quite often, we forget that what matters is our character not looks. Smile and joy emanating from an honest person are everlasting than the fake smile from a handsome person. Instead of concentrating on the looks try to focus on truth, honesty, and on being genuine. We come across many beautiful faces but what remains with us is a genuine smile.

Avoid criticizing ourselves. There is nothing wrong in failing. But it is wrong not to learn lessons from our failure and improve.

When dissatisfaction becomes a habit, we begin to doubt ourselves, we feel inadequate and unworthy and we blame ourselves or we blame other people.

Some people are trapped in unhappiness and frustration. It is an easy way to hide their failures and flaws in their character.

The best way to overcome dissatisfaction is to believe in ourselves, to find happiness in simple things and to believe in the power of now – to live in the present.

Instead of being unhappy, we should take appropriate action and focus on making ourselves more useful and pleasant by spreading joy.

Be honest, love yourself, be positive and live in the present.

Above all, be content. It is the best way to overcome all forms of discontentment.

Abhilash Rajendran