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We have to sacrifice the thought that we sacrificed – Jagadguru Sri Maha Periyava

We have to give. That is sacrifice, keeping all things to ourselves and enjoying them is only temporary happiness.

But if instead of keeping these belongings to ourselves, we give them away, that itself gives supreme bliss.

After giving away the things, if the thought ‘I have given this’ is kept in the mind, this ego will destroy the spiritual elevation obtained by the sacrifice and charity.

We have to sacrifice, more importantly, we have to sacrifice the thought that we sacrificed.

Teachers are those who use what they have learnt to make a living. Others are involved in professions which are mostly unrelated to their studies. Teachers should understand their subjects before teaching – only then can their students effectively comprehend the subject themselves.

Unbridled tongue often leads to misunderstandings and troubles. If our speech is confined to topics spiritually beneficial to us, and if we avoid speaking words likely to cause pain to others, much of our troubles can be avoided.

 – Jagadguru Sri Maha Periyava