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Real Misery Is Not Having Faith In Ourselves And Losing Hope

Materialistic life is never permanent. If we have chosen to live in society and have a family life, then twists and turns are part of it. In some turns we might get happiness and in another turn unhappiness. Social and family life is not a straight road of happiness. There will be bumps and accidents. The roads and the scenes keep changing.

Develop A Good Life Shock Absorber

We need to develop a good shock absorber to overcome these accidents and bumps. The best shock absorber we can have is knowledge – true knowledge found in Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Yoga Vasishta, Bhagwat Puran etc. The problem with the people on the road of life is that they never make use of these shock absorbers, which is readily available, and for free. Some only take it up when they near the end of the journey. Some only after they meet with some serious accidents. So if you are having a social and family life, whether it is good or bad, pick up these shock absorbers and install them. You will not be disappointed. It will help in navigating through the twists and turns in your journey. It will never fail you.

Real misery is not having faith in ourselves and losing hope

God never loses hope in his/her children. If God had lost hope, then he would have shut the baby-making factory and would have recalled those on earth. And he would have started some new business.

But God’s children lose hope and self belief in the slightest of trouble. We are so used to comfort and easy life that we can no longer imagine anything going bad. We have the wrong notion that everything will be fixed with money or power. When there is no instant solution, we scream, become violent or depressed.

Good or bad, experiences should make one stronger and wiser. Instead of losing hope, we should convert the trouble as a ladder to see things from a different angle. We should attempt to find solutions and move ahead in life.

Money, power, social status, job, relationships all are in constant flux. We have to accept them as it is. Instead of being stuck, we need to look ahead. We need to keep moving constantly, that which is truly ours will also keep moving with us. Because they are part of us. But that which falls off in the journey of life was never ours. It was a burden. We were forcibly carrying it with us. Those are not ours. They belong to some other place. Free them and become free.

If you believe god gave you miseries, then god has also blessed you with the strength to overcome them. Find that hidden strength. Your real strength is hidden thanks to our educational system and beliefs. Each one of us is blessed with a particular talent. May be we know it and we have conveniently ignored it to please others or fearing social status. Throw the fear out and make use of the talent to grow and prosper. When you are master of something, no one can displace you.