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Khetri during Navratri

The ritual planting of khetri seeds in a pot on the first day of Navratri is an important ritual. The ritual is also known as Ghatasthapana. Khetri is barley seeds. The seeds grow during the nine days. The first shoots appear on the third day. Khetri during Navratri is a symbol of hope, fertility and prosperity.

It is extremely satisfactory to see khetri seeds grow into shoots (small plant, which is the embodiment of the Goddess. The growing and blossoming of the plant in the house is considered highly auspicious and is a sign of the presence of Mother Goddess Shakti.

On the tenth day, people bid farewell to the plant in a ceremonious procession that involves playing with dry colors. In some region, the shoots are cut and distributed as holy offering.

Khetri is kept in homes during Chaitra Navratri and Sharad Navratri.

In Nepal during Dashain, several beds of Khetri are created in homes.