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Maremma Temple At Chengareddypalle Near Renigunta In Andhra Pradesh

Chengareddypalle Sri Maremma Temple is located around 1 km from Renigunta on the road to Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh. Sri Maremma in this village is a goddess of infinite powers, fulfilling the prayers of the devotees, accepting their worship and offerings.

History Of Maremma Temple At Chengareddypalle

 Prior to 1973, a Naga Devatha with the form of a snake used to live in an ant-hill beneath a Neem Tree. Every year in April-May, the villagers used to raise an image of the goddess with neem berries and set up a temporary shelter with neem branches and bamboo sticks. Villagers would cook pongal as the offering. They would also prepare special offerings and celebrate the festival.

When the temple construction started twin tortoises appeared alive here. This was due to the power of Grace from Goddess Maremma who happens to be the sister of Lord Vishnu. Kurma avatar is a guardian deity of the temple.

The present temple was consecrated on 14th of February, 1977. Renovation was done in 2011.

Important Deities And Features

Apart from the images of Pothuraju and Goddess Maremma, there are murtis of dwarapalakas for the Goddess, Sri Klashini Sakthi and Sri Harshini Sakthi. In the pradakshina circle around the sanctum, images of the three Shaktis, Sri Saraswati Devi, Sri Vaishnavi Devi and Sri Durga Devi are found.

The sanctum sanctorum has two feet an image of Goddess Maremma and an image of Pothuraju with a height of one and a half foot.

At the centre of the Mukha Mandapa facing the Goddess, the image of her mount, the lion, and the balipeetam can be worshipped. Outside the mukha mandapa, in the front portion, the vigraha of Pothuraju and a trident can be worshipped. Thus, as soon as one enters the temple, devotees get the darshan of Trishul which is the divine weapon of the Goddess. Immediately after, devotees get to see Pothuraju, the brother of the Goddess. Later, in the pradakshina circle outside the sanctum, on the wall we see Sri Saraswati Devi in the south, Sri Vaishnavi Devi in the west (the rear side of the sanctum) and Sri Durga Devi in the north.

Devotees who circumambulate in the temple get to see the Shaktis of the Trimurtis before seeing the Mahashakti, Goddess Maremma. They can pray to her also in the same way. That is, whoever does pradakshina in the temple stands to gain — those who want knowledge have Sri Saraswati; riches, health and gold who worship Sri Vaishnavi Devi, physical and mental health can be gained for them from Sri Durga Devi. And by worshipping Goddess Maremma in this temple, one gains everything and can feel fulfilled. 

Chengareddypalle Sri Maremma Temple Festivals

Every year one month after the Tirupati Tatayyagunta Gangamma jatra, villagers join to celebrate jatara for Goddess Maremma with great enthusiasm. The Navratri festival is observed for nine days. The Goddess is decorated as Kamakshi on the first day, as Balatripurasundari on the second day, on the third as Annapoorneshwari Devi, on the fourth as Bhuvaneswari Devi, on the fifth it is Mamiti Seva (Siva Parvati), on sixth as Lakshmi Devi, on seventh as Ashtabhuja Durga Devi, on eighth as Saraswati Devi. The celebrations go on in a splendid manner. On the ninth and last day she is decorated as Goddess Maremma and taken in procession through the streets of the village. With this the Navaratri festival comes to an end. Apart from these, every Friday, on pournami and during other festival days, they do special decoration and pujas for the goddess. 

Benefits Of Worshipping Chengareddypalle Sri Maremma

 Goddess fulfils the prayers of Her devotees. Many people desiring children come to the temple of the goddess, and perform pujas. Unmarried people pray to the Goddess for getting married and when their desire is fulfilled they come with their family and fulfil their prayers to the Goddess. 

Chengareddypalle Sri Maremma Temple Temple Timings

6:00 AM to 11:00 AM
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Chenga Reddy Palli,
Pin : 517501.
Andhra Pradesh - India
Phone : +91-9491202512