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Do Not Get Attached To Any Philosophy Or Isms

Do not get attached to any philosophy or isms. Be just a person seeking truth.

You will get something from every ism and teacher. Take them. Ponder over them. Then find your path.

For a happier and conscious life, never get imprisoned by any belief system.

Keep an open mind. There is a teacher everywhere. It can be a child, a dog, a tree or anything.

Scriptures and teachers can only give us clues. It is for us to find the answer.

When we are attached to something, we knowingly or unknowingly become a spokesperson of it. It only causes emotional problems. Learn from all traditions and focus on your inner experiences.

This is the reason why Sanatana Dharma was never an organized religion. Sanatana Dharma always supported all kinds of seekers. That is why we Hindus have no problem in respecting genuine teachers of any religion. 

Sanatana Dharma is perhaps the only way of life in the world in which son (Muruga) sits on the lap of father (Shiva) and teaches the father the greatness of Om. This symbolically shows that Hindus accept teachings irrespective of age, religion and region. 

A Hindu can connect with any teaching in the world because the mind of  a true Hindu is never closed. Only an open mind understand the essence of any teaching.