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Swami Ram Tirtha Jayanti 2023 Date

Swami Ram Tirtha Jayanti is the birth anniversary of the Swami Ram Tirtha ((1873-1906). He was a great teacher of Hindu philosophy and Vedanta. Swami Ram Tirtha Jayanti date 2023 date is October 23. He was one of the notable teachers who worked tirelessly in spreading the true teachings of Vedanta in the West. 

Swami Ram Tirtha Jayanti

Swami Ram Tirtha, also known as Swami Rama and Swami Ram Tirath, was the most famous Hindu saint to visit the American universities after Swami Vivekananda. During his travel to America in 1902 he gave lectures on practical Vedanta and this attracted thousands of people.

Rama Tirtha commenced his spiritual life as a Bhakta of God and then turned to Vedanta, studying under the inspiration of Sri Madhava Tirtha of the Dwaraka Math.

Swami Rama was a living Vedantin. He saw and felt God in all names and forms

Followers of Swami Ram Tirtha organize satsangs and prayer meetings on the Jayanti day. His teachings and writings are relevant to this day.

The jayanti is observed annually on the Shukla Paksha Navami day in Ashwin month – ninth day of the waxing phase of moon.

Some important teachings of Ram Tirtha

Truth is Your Birthright. Assert it and Be Master of Universe. Truth is TatvaMasi - “That Thou Art.”

If you want to realize an object, if you want to get anything, do not hunt after the shadow. Touch your own head. Go within you. Realize this and you will see that the stars are your handiwork, you will see that all the objects of love, all the bewitching and fascinating things are simply your own reflection or shadow.

Your real Self can never die. The body which is to die, which is dying every moment—by death let us understand here change—which is undergoing a change every second, and is dying out, is not your real Self. There is something in you which can never die.