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Raja Yoga Mantra In Hinduism

In Kali Yuga, it is easy to attain the blessing of a deity. Chanting mantra and following dharma helps in attaining success in life and fulfillment of desires. The particular Raja Yoga mantra is dedicated to Surya, the sun god in Hinduism. It is believed that when a person is blessed with Raja Yoga, the person will have all kinds of materialistic things, wealth, money and property at disposal.

Raja Yoga Mantra

Kankvarnamahatejam Ratmalavibhushitam
Pratkale Ravi Darshanam Sarva Pap Vimochinam
कनकवर्णमहातेजं रत्नमालाविभूषितम्।
प्रातः काले रवि दर्शनं सर्व पाप विमोचनम्।।

How To Chant The Mantra?

The mantra is to be chanted on Sunday early morning at sunrise.
The person wearing the mantra should take bath and wear saffron or orange color dress.
Offer prayers to Ganesha in mind.
Face the rising and offer water (Argya)
Chant the mantra 108 times.
On the day, feed cow roti with jaggery.
The mantra is to be chanted for 7 Sundays.