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Sprinkling Holy Water For Purification In Hinduism

The consecration by sprinkling holy water for purification in Hinduism is known as Prokshana. It is done with water sanctified by mantras and water contained in a special vessel.

The sprinkling of holy water is prescribed for food or any other item like flowers, water, utensils, basil and other things offered to gods and goddesses in Hindu pantheon.

Sprinkling holy water in Hindu religion is done during the following occasions:
  • At the daily ritual called sandhya vandana, by invoking Varuna – the god of rain.
  • When children are scared of outside trauma, to ward off the evil aspects of nature.
  • After the moon or the sun appears after an eclipse.
  • At daily ritual called punyaha vachana on the eleventh day after the birth of a child.
  • For the removal of impurity on the 12th day after death ceremonies are completed. This is called ‘asaucapida parihara.’
  • On the day of the occupation of a newly built house.
  • After the completion of a yajna.
  • At marriage ceremonies – in four different circumstances.
  • At the thread ceremony called upanayana.
  • At the function held for the purification of the womb of a pregnant lady in the eight month of pregnancy, the function being called pumsavana.
  • During any consecration or propitiation of tutelary gods like Navagraha (nine planets), Hanuman, Ganapati and Vishwaksena.
  • At the installation of new deities in temples, called Kumbhabhishekam, during which holy water sprinkled on all the participants for their purification.
  • At chariot festivals and other joyous events.