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Shukra Niti – About Sukraniti Text

Shukra Niti is a text credited to Shukracharya. It is basically a text on morals. Sukraniti also provides lot of information on ancient Hindu culture, sociology and political science.

It is an abridged form of several earlier niti shastras. There is no single opinion regarding the date of composition or origin of the text.

The entire treatise consists of five chapters and it has 2,567 verses.

The first chapter deals with duties and functions of princes.
The second chapter deals with duties of crown prince and other officials.
The third chapter narrates the general rules of morality to be observed by kings and his men.
The fourth chapter is the longest one and it has several subsections and deals with majority of the aspects of a kingdom.
The fifth chapter is miscellaneous in nature.

The non-political part of the book deals with architecture, sculpture, painting, manners and morals, arts, literature and economics.