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Chandravalayam Musical Instrument

Chandravalayam is an ancient musical instrument associated with Hindu religion. In ancient times it was widely used in temples in South India, especially in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Even today it is used in some temples.

Chandravalayam is a percussion instrument and is made of iron and parchment.

Chandravalayam Musical Instrument

The musical instrument is known as Chandra Pirai in Tamil Nadu and is widely used in Mariamman temples.

Chandra means moon and the instrument gets its name from the crescent shape like moon.

The crescent shaped iron rim is attached to a bent iron strip by a small iron rod. One face covered with skin. Bent part is tied on the forehead and played with two sticks, along with its pair called Suryavalayam.

The instrument is used as an accompaniment instrument during Nadaswaram Kacheri.