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Thidappally In Kerala Temples

Thidapally is the place where naivedyam or prasadam is prepared in a temple. It is the kitchen of the temple. Thidappally is also known as Madappally. Naivedyams likes different types of payasams, ada, appa, unakkalari choru etc are prepared in the Thidappally.

Thidappally is usually located on the east side of chuttambalam (chuttambalathinte thekkekettil kizhake pakuti). Well for taking water for cooking is usually located on the northeast corner of the Chuttambalam.

The naivedyam prepared in the Thidappally is carried to the sreekovil or sanctum sanctorum. Shankh or conch is blown for asking people to give way to the pujari carrying the naivedyam.