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Shivratri Food – What Food We Can Eat While Observing Shivaratri Fast?

Shivratri Fast begins on the morning of Shivaratri day and ends only on the next day morning. It is a 24-hour fast and some devotees observe a complete fast. But a full fasting on the day is not possible for many people due to various reasons like job, illness etc. So there are many devotees who eat certain types of food on Shivaratri. Here is a brief idea on the food that is eaten on Shivratri day.

Majority of Hindus who observe Shivratri fast opt for a fruit diet – they eat fruits and drink lots of water on the day. Some people also drink milk.

Some devotees consume a mid-day meal (noon) consisting of non-cereal food such as boiled potatoes which is made into a curry without onion, garlic, adrak (ginger) or haldi (turmeric).

In some regions people eat Sabudana (Tapioca) Khichdi or Upma.

Some Hindu communities eat a special meal known as ‘phalar’ at noon.

Another food eaten on the day is pakora or Kuttu Singhare ki puri.

No meal is eaten after sunset on Shivaratri day.

Next meal is taken on the morning of Amavasya (next day morning) after doing puja and giving alms.

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