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Story Of Radha Meeting Wives Of Sri Krishna

Once, Sri Krishna along with his queens went on pilgrimage to holy Siddhashram. As luck would have it, at that time, Radha had also gone there with her female friends or sakhis. Both the parties were overjoyed at seeing one another and started talking amongst themselves.

Sri Krishna’s anointed queens were hearing Sri Krishna tell about Radha’s glories. Hence, they met Radha privately in an opportune moment. Radha heartily welcomed them and attended on them. During her conversation she told the following verse: ‘Chandro yathaiko bahavah chakorah, suryo yathaiko bahavo drishahsyuh, Srikrishna-chandro bhagavan tathaiva, bhakta bhaginyo bahavo vayam cha; just as there is only one moon but many partridges that feed on the moonbeam, just as there is only one sun but many eyes, similarly there is only one moon-faced Bhagavan Sri Krishna but there are many of us devotee-sisters.

The queens were quite surprised hearing these words of Radha. They coaxed her to go to their residence. There, Radha was given a grand welcome and a royal treatment. She was fed sumptuously. Finally, Queen Rukmini herself offered milk to Radha and persuaded her to drink it. After that, conversing a while on various wonderful topics of interest, Radha returned to her home.

Night fell. All retired to bed. As was her daily practice, Rukmini sat at Sri Krishna’s feet to massage his legs. She was shocked to see the soles of Sri Krishna’s feet. They were full of blisters! Petrified, Rukmini called her sakhis and described to them what she had seen. They came and saw the blisters and were dumbfounded.

How to ask Sri Krishna about the cause of the blisters? No one could gather the courage. Finally, when Sri Krishna opened his eyes, he asked the reason why Rukmini’s sakhis had huddled up there. In reply, they pointed towards the blisters. Initially, Sri Krishna tried to brush aside the topic. However, the sakhis did not give up.

When they strongly insisted on knowing the cause of the blisters, Sri Krishna said: ‘My feet always dwell, day and night, in Radha’s heart. You gave her very hot milk. Radha drank it because you had given it. The milk went inside her body and up to her heart. Thus, my feet could not bear the heat and there appeared blisters. It is but natural.’

The queens were silenced on hearing Bhagavan’s words. Since then, they understood that in front of the Himalayan love of Radha, their love was a mere speck of dust. This story describing Radha’s glory is found in the Jataka Samhita.