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Ganapathy Pooja For Good Education Of Children – Simple Ganesha Puja

Chemganapathy homam is a unique puja dedicated to Ganesha for overcoming education problems. This particular Ganapathy pooja is performed for good education of children. It is a simple puja and is mainly performed by mothers.

After taking bath in the morning, the person performing the homam should collect few pieces of coconut kernel (kopra or pieces of fresh coconut), jaggery and pure cow ghee.

A small homam like fire should be created and three offerings should be put in it.

The mantra to be chanted while making the offering the Om Gam Ganapataye Namah – This is the moola mantra of Ganesha.

Apart from solution to education problems, this puja helps in alleviating problems in the home and also ushering in peace and prosperity in life.