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Bring Home These Things on Shivratri for Peace and Progress

Shivratri is that of the time year when devotees can bring home certain symbols of Shiva to achieve peace and progress. Here are the list of things that can be brought home on Shivratri. Shiva is Bholenath and he can be pleased without much effort. He fulfills the desires of his devotees. But when the devotees turn evil, He will not also hesitate to burn them down into ashes.

Things To Get on Shivratri


If you wish to perform Shiva puja daily at home then Shivratri is the day to bring Shivling home. It is said that on Shivratri night Shiva appears on all the Shivlings on earth.


Getting  a copper sculpture of Nandi and keeping it at home will help in avoiding financial problems.

Naag or Snake

Keeping silver or copper sculpture of Naag (serpent) near the front door will help in keeping out fights in home. There will be unity in the family. It also helps in keeping out obstacles faced by family members.


The sacred ash can be brought on Shivratri and kept in the puja room. The sacred ash or Bhasma symbolically represents Shiva.


Bring Rudraksha on the day and keep it in puja room or in the room of the important person of the house. This will improve luck and there will be self confidence.


Water from Ganga River – Keep it in puja room or kitchen. There will be progress.


If you wish to keep trident at home, then Shivratri is the ideal day.

Bilva Tree  

An ideal day to plant a bilva tree.


Getting the hourglass drum of Shiva and placing it in the room of children or the youngest member of the home is highly beneficial. This will help in spreading good thoughts and positive energy.