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Thirumala Kundamonbhagam Devi Temple – Festival

Thirumala Kundamonbhagam Devi temple is located at Thirumala in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathi. Meena Bharani, which falls on Bharani nakshatra day in Meena Masam (March – April), is the most important festival in the temple.

The sankalpam of Devi here is that of Goddess Durga.

This is a small temple consisting mainly of a chathura sreekovil. There are shrines of upa devatas. The sreekovil has colorfully painted sculptures. Vedivazhipadu is an important offering.

The annual festival is noted for unique pujas and rituals that are associated with Bhagavathi temples in the Thiruvananthapuram region. Ezhunnallathu, procession, melam and performing art forms of Kerala temples are part of the festival. The

Thrikarthika and Navratri are observed in the temple.