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Jarasandha Death – Story Of Jarasandha Vadh In Mahabharata

The death of Jarasandha is in important incident in the Mahabharata. The story is famous as Jarasandha Vadh.

Jarasandha was a mighty ruler, who at the time of his birth, was born in two parts. A maidservant namedJara had to join the two parts to make him a sturdy boy. Because of this face, nobody could defeat him in a physical combat. He subsequently became the mighty ruler of Magadha. He was the father-in-law of Kamsa, and when, Sri Krishna Bhagavan killed the latter in Mathura, Jarasandha became a sworn enemy of Sri Krishna. He harassed Krishna and the Yadavas so much by repeated attacks on Mathura that they had to shift their capital from Mathura to Dwarka.

When Yudhishthira became the king of Indraprastha, he decided to perform the Rajasuya Yajna. But Sri Krishna knew that as long as Jarasandha was alive, Yudhisthira would not be able to complete it. So, in order to eliminate his sworn enemy and ensure the performance of the yajna unhindered, he took Bhima and Arjuna to Girivraja, the capital of Magadha, disguised as Brahmins because he knew that Jarasandha could only be killed by a man fighting with his bare hands.

The three Brahmins challenged Jarasandha in a wrestling bout. Jarasandha thought Arjuna and Krishna were not worthy opponents and chose Bhima for the bout.

The fight lasted thirteen days. At the end, taking a hint from Sri Krishna, Bhima held Jarasandha by his two feet and tore him into two pieces and threw the pieces in the opposite direction.

Sri Krishna immediately set free the imprisoned kings and place Jarasandha’s son on the throne, who promised to extend full cooperation to Yudhisthira in the latter’s performance of the Rajasuya Yagna.