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Symbolic Meaning – Bhasma and Red Kumkum Together On forehead – Chandan And Red kumkum

You must have come across Hindus wearing red kumkum over bhasma on forehead. Similarly, there are Hindu devotees who wear red kumkum over chandan (sandalwood paste). There is a symbolism associated with applying bhasma, kumkum and chandan. Bhasma – Red Kumkum on Forehead Bhasma is associated with Lord Shiva. Red Kumkum is associated with Goddess Shakti (Durga) and her various manifestations. Applying Bhasma first and then applying red kumkum dot symbolically means the amalgamation of Shiva and Shakti – Shiva-Shakti-Samyogam. Chandan – Red Kumkum Forehead Chandan is associated with Lord Vishnu Applying Chandan first and then applying red kumkum dot symbolically means the amalgamation of Vishnu and Lakshmi – Vishnu-Lakshmi-Samyogam. Bhasma-Chandan-Red Kumkum Forehead Some Hindus first wear Bhasma, then chandan and then a red kumkum dot. This is a highly powerful symbol. It indicates the presence of Goddess Tripura Sundari. Bhasma, Chandan and Kumkum should be

Rules For Following Customs And Rituals In Hinduism

Those customs and rituals or ‘Achaaraas’ that give positive and useful results are to be followed. But how to find the customs and rituals that are positive and useful is left to a person following the Sanatana Dharma (Hindu Dharma). Hindu scriptures like Dharma Shastras are peppered with hints which help in analyzing and practicing customs and rituals associated with Hindu religion. The most important hint that the Dharma Shastras give is Sastram Pramanam – the first and the most important parameter a Hindu should consider before following a ritual is scientific results and original scriptures. Next most important parameter is the advice of scholars and elders – Apta Vakyam Pramanam .  This is bit a tricky because a person should develop skills to understand a true Guru from the showy and fraud ones. The third parameter is direct experience – Pratyaksham Pramanam – this is something like you learn to walk after falling. We make mistakes but not repeating the sam

Five Natural Magical Things In Hindu Scriptures That Can Do the Impossible

When we read Hindu scriptures, we get to know about natural magical things that can perform the impossible task. It can change the life of a person forever. Here are five magical things mentioned in Hindu scriptures, which might or might not exist in real. Paras Mani – It is believed that Paras Mani has the power to turn anything into gold. Humans have never seen it. Legends have it that crows can recognize Paras Mani. Many believe it is a rare kind of stone. It is believed that Paras Mani is found in the Himalayan region. Somras – The wine made using soma plant and other natural ingredients are mentioned in the Vedas. Somras is mentioned in Rig Veda, Atharva Veda, Mahabharata, Ramayana, and Puranas. It is believed that drinking the wine will make a person immortal. Nagmani – Nagmani is in the possession of certain snakes. The person who has the possession of Nagmani will have all his wishes fulfilled. No one has ever seen it. It is said that no material on earth has a glow l

Clean - Organized Home And Workplace - Spiritual Goal

Why we do not have a clean and organized home or workplace? Because we are busy or we are lazy. When we are unorganized for a long period we get used to it. We do not even realize how messy we are. This will affect our mental wellbeing. Clean and organized workplace and home should be part of our spiritual goal. When we have a neat and organized home or workplace, we will be more organized, there will be easy access to things, there will be space utilization, there will be harmony and there will not be any irritability. The mess in our surroundings affects us unconsciously. We must always remember that our home and workplace is a reflection of our inner world. The best place to start the cleaning process is from our home. When we do the cleaning process, we will come across many things that we do not need. However, there will be people who will be happy to possess them. It can be clothes, shoes, toys, utensil etc. When we give them away to the needy, we will feel happy,