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Do Not Kill the Present with Good Old Days

There are so many things out there to lift our spirits if only we notice them. But we never look in the right place and instead start living in the good old days. We complain about everything in the present. Actually, the present is not bad; it is just that we are miserable and we try to hide this truth by glorifying the past. So stop killing the present with the good old days.

Every age has its positives and negatives. If we focus only on negatives then we will miss the positives.

A warm smile can light up the day. The smile is always present. All we have to learn is to drop the ego and let go. Love has not changed. It is the same as in the good old days. It is just that we forgot to love.

There are many things in this world, which are beyond our control, and this is what makes the old days good. But what we do not realize is that there are a lot of things which we can do to make our lives happier today.

Quite often, we want to be part of the crowd and then complain about the same crowd. Instead of going after the crowd find what makes us truly happy and walk on that path fearlessly.

Treat every situation as an opportunity to expand our mind.

Again, the present and future belongs to the younger generation. They were not part of the good old days. So allow them to build their good days. 

We cannot bring back the same good old days but we can create good days for us and for those around us. Instead of being grumpy, negative, cranky and frustrated, find joy in the present. This will make our lives and of those around us easy.