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Ignorance And Knowledge As Per Jnana Yoga

According to Jnana Yoga, the Path of Knowledge, ignorance means ignorance of the true nature of the Self. We are all aware of ourselves. But what is self? We mistakenly think of self as body, mind and ego. This mistaken thinking is born of ignorance called Maya — a conglomerate of time-space-causation (also called Upadhis, ‘limiting conditions’).

To know the Self, one has to overcome this identification with body-mind-ego. The process of doing it is called Jnana Yoga.

While one has to analyze, separate the real Self from the non-self, one also has to cultivate virtues such as patience, forbearance, non-violence and so on.

To ‘have’ knowledge, in this sense, means that one is ever aware of one’s divine nature—the atman.

Source – Prabuddha Bharata Editorial February 2015

Swami Ramdas (Papa) Answers How to control the mind?

One of the ways of controlling the mind is to let it go wherever it pleases and to see in every object the underlying Reality. The whole universe is a manifestation of God. We have to removers it were, the outer coating of each object and see the Divine seated at the centre. By such practice, the mind becomes quiet. Ramdas has tried it himself. Another method is to stand apart and be a witness of the mind, you inadvertently posit that you are not the mind. All therefore that you need to do is to watch the mind in its antics and stand apart. The mind will then gradually run itself out and get stilled.

True Nature Teachings By Sri Sri Ma Anandamayi Ma

Only by taking refuge in Him can sorrow be removed. The troubles and difficulties one encounters as the fruit of one's actions are but the grace of God. If one can accept them, as such, one will progress towards one's real welfare.

In wealth and property there is certainly no peace. What then does give peace? Your own true nature is peace, knowledge, divine consciousness — unless and until this is realized, how can there be peace? In order to find your Self you must become revealed to yourself. How beautiful!