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Madhavi Lata – Importance Of Hiptage Plant In Hinduism

Madhavi Lata, hiptage plant, is of great importance in Hinduism and is associated with Lord Vishnu. As per Vishnu Purana, Madhavi (Goddess Lakshmi) is the wife of Vishnu as Madhava, and the plant is named after her. Symbolically, Madhavi Lata is the creeping vine and Vishnu is the tree round which she clings for support.

Madhavi Lata Plant God Vishnu And Lakshmi

Hindus knew about the plant from ancient times and the plant is mentioned in many ancient Hindu scriptures. The flower of the plant is compared to a frail young woman who clings for support to her husband, symbolized by the strong mango tree.

Madhavi Lata is mentioned by Kalidasa in his famous play Shakuntala. When Rishi Kanava discovered that his daughter Shakuntala had met king Dushyanta, the man of her choice, he said to her that he had for long been looking for a handsome mango tree referring to Dushyanta and that now he would give his Madhavi Lata (Shakuntala) to him in marriage.