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Dive Deep – Learn To Love God

Dive Deep – Learn To Love God - As told by Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Dive deep. Learn to love God. Be immersed in His love. Why do you dwell so much upon the glories of God? “Oh God, you have created the sky, mighty oceans, the moon, the sun, the stars and everything. What is the use of saying all this.

Everyone is stuck in wonder to witness the garden of the rich man, to see the beautiful plants, flowers, lake, drawing room with nice pictures and so on. But how many are there who care to meet the owner of the garden? Only one or two try to meet him. If god is sought after with yearning heart He can be seen and talked to, just as I am talking to you. Believe me when I say, He can be seen. But who is going to care for what I say, to believe in what I say?

Can God be found in the scriptures? At the most the study of the scriptures convinces you of the existence of God. But unless you dive deep you cannot see God. But unless you dive deep you cannot see God. It is after you dive deep that He reveals Himself to you; and then only are all doubts removed.

Read thousands of books, repeat thousands of verses; unless you try to dive deep into Him, you cannot get at Him. With your scholarship you may charm others but not Him.
Mere scriptures, books – of what avail are they? Without the grace of God nothing can be achieved. So with a yearning heart try to receive His grace. And when you have got it, He will reveal Himself to you, He will speak to you.