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Goddess Jogeshwari In Maharashtra – Story And Her Association With Bhairava

Goddess Jogeshwari worshipped in Maharashtra is the consort of Kala Bhairava. As per the popular story associated with Jogeshwari, Kala Bhairava, the kotval of Kashi, arrived at Maharashtra to help get rid of a demon.

After getting rid of the demon, Bhairava went to Patal Lok on a horse. Shesha, the king of serpents, welcomed him. His daughter, Jogeshwari, fell in love with Kala Bhairava. On the request of King of serpents Kala Bhairava agreed to marry his daughter. Their marriage took place at Mhaswad.

Kala Bhairava is also known as Sri Siddhartha in Maharashtra. His temple at Mhaswad is also known as Dakshina Kedara.

Goddess Jogeshwari is also known as Yogini or Yogeshwari.

A number of festivals are held at Mhaswad in honor of the gods including Ratha Yatra and marriage ceremony of Siddhanath and Jogeshwari.