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Human Character Defects As Demons Defeated By Ganesha

The numerous demons defeated by Ganesha are in reality imperfections human beings or defects in character of humans. Human beings fail in life when are unable to control the senses and eventually they fail to defeat the various vices. Here is a list of demons (personification of human vices) defeated by Ganesha.

Human Character Defects As Demons Defeated By Ganesha

  • Uncontrolled Lust was subdued by Ganesha in his Vikata form.
  • Anger – demon Krodha – subdued by Lambodara form of Ganesha
  • Avarice or greed – demon Lobha – subdued by Gajanana form of Ganesha
  • Infatuation and delusion – demon Moha – defeated by Mahodara form of Ganesha
  • Vanity – demon Mada – defeated by Ekadanta Ganesha
  • Envy and jealousy – demon Mata – Vakratunda form of Ganesha riding a lion defeated the demon
  • Attachment of desire – demon Mama – annihilated by Vighnaraja form of Ganesha riding a serpent.
  • Ego and pride – Abhimana – subdued by Dhumravarna.

All these flaw in character pushes an individual back into the cycle of birth and death. Ganesha defeat these demons and helps an individual in attaining moksha. 

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